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Hider (Chrome Extension)

A chrome extension that cleans up the YouTube UI for a less distracting experience. Featured by Google on the Chrome Web Store!
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A tool leveraging the OpenAI API to reply to thousands of YouTube comments instantly, while taking into consideration context, prose and past user comments. Target Audience - YouTube creators with large followings. Value proposition - instantly respond to thousands of video comments, building loyalty and generating engagement. The project is no longer operational
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Order For Me UI Mockups

This isn't a 'project', but rather a place to view the comprehensive UI mockups I designed while Head of Product at OrderForMe. These designs were later implemented by the engineers under my guidance and rolled out to all the users with great success.
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Shalom Ethiopia Tours Website

A business website I built for a touring agency in Ethiopia. Scored 100 on Lighthouse and brought the business tons of leads when it was still in operation pre-covid
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Benja (Electronic Dance Music Producer)

Official website for my presence as a music artist. Organically ranked #1 on Google for the term "benja music", which has been great for exposure.
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